We Are Fierce Women And A Picture Of Success 

It has often been said that a picture paints a thousand words but this picture paints the most glorious tale using only four words. It is if you like the picture of success, but it’s also much more than that  as it paints a story of friendship, and  sisterhood,  and the power of women at our best. 

The words that tell our story can be summed up by this sentence. 
We Are Women With Fierce Words 

The truth of that statement is undeniable to anyone who knows us.  We are indeed women with fierce words  which we will speak with passion,  power , and purpose and we will do it without asking permission. 

This picture is the story of our success. We have launched our anthology of poetry.  Now I dare you to open our covers and read our words. By doing so, you will gain access to a treasure trove of thoughts from some of the most inspirational women you will ever meet. Women I am proud to call my friends. 

Till next time 

Gayle X


Author: Gayle Smith

Hi I'm Gayle . I'm a transsexual woman in my mid 50's and a left leaning member of the SNP. My interests are creative writing, socialising, shopping, spoken word, music, politics, i'd describe my views as(lefty SNP) , Celtic, theatre, and woman's issues. I attend my local Church Of Scotland almost every week and am nowhere near as nippy as i like pretend to be. Want to know more well I have two blogs where you can find all you know about me and my life www.tartantights.wordpress.com/ www.skirtingroundmylife.wordpress.com/

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